Clean Room Crane Guide: Everything You Need to Know



Are you engaged in highly customized industries, such as medical, pharmaceutical, and aviation.....?

Based on the manufacturing process in this kind of industry, it needs to be carried out in a sterile environment, so we must focus on today's topic-special cranes for clean rooms.

Clean room cranes are special lifting products developed for the needs of low dust density and high cleanliness in specific fields. They have the characteristics of compact structure, superior performance, safety and reliability, cleanliness and environmental protection, and meet the requirements of the international ISO cleanliness level. 

This article will describe: how to divide the clean room grade standards ; the classification of clean room cranes and the industries in which clean room cranes are used,and process characteristics of manufacturing clean room cranes.


Types of Clean room crane


What is a clean room......?

We continue to gain an in-depth understanding of the international ISO classification standards for clean rooms.

About clean room cleanliness level.

A clean room refers to any enclosed space designed to minimize particulate matter in the air and control other environmental specifications such as pressure, humidity, and temperature. Can also be referred to as GMP workshop for short. 

The clean room classification system has six clean room cleanliness classes:

Class 100,000 clean room (dirtiest)

Class 10,000 clean room

Class 1,000 clean room

Class 100 clean room

Class 10 clean room

Class 1 clean room (cleanest)

According to the ISO 14644-1/FS209E standard, the maximum allowable particle concentration per cubic meter for clean room grade is as follows:

cleanliness level


Which industries are clean room cranes suitable for?


In the following three industries, efficient promotion and promotion are necessary:

  • Semiconductor industry

The high-end semiconductor market needs controllable light and heavy-duty solutions to solve components and tools at the molecular and atomic levels.

This industry faces strict requirements and uses specially designed equipment, emphasizing minimizing pollution of unwanted materials and gases.

The current high-quality semiconductor market requires lifting solutions suitable for heavy-duty components.Hygienic lifting equipment is an absolute must. This high-profile industry has strict requirements that require us to provide specially designed equipment. NUCLEON CRANE pay special attention to accuracy and cleanliness.Continuous quality planning is essential to meet changing application needs.

  • Pharmaceutical industry

Whether you are producing medicines or medical equipment, high-quality clean room cranes are made of Class a components.

-The diffusion and pollution of small particles are minimized.

-Smooth surfaces are easy to clean, and applications such as coating agents containing silver ions help limit the growth of microorganisms and bacteria.

These operations can make the crane work quietly and accurately.

In the pharmaceutical industry, small particles can have a significant impact on the production process.Nucleon Crane

 cranes and hoists work perfectly in these environments. Pollution-free, optimal accuracy, quiet and all made of Class A components.With a wide product range, we can provide almost any lifting equipment in this field. 

From design and construction to delivery and assembly.

  • Food processing industry


In this industry, cranes will be used for food processing, cooking, canning and packaging.Maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene standards of lifting equipment will minimize the risk of pollution and help meet the strict requirements of the food industry.

In the food industry, a controlled environment is very important to the production process.This significantly extends the shelf life of processed foods or fresh products.Stricter quality control also leads to a stricter environment. In response to these needs, NUCLEON CRANE provide a variety of customized improvement solutions.

In addition, clean room cranes are often used in the aerospace industry and high-tech industries.

  • Aerospace engineering


Aerospace engineering has broken through technical and economic limits.The crane can produce important components under clean room conditions.

When manufacturing electronic or aerospace precision components, clean room cranes may be a popular asset.We are confident that we can meet all the technical and operational requirements of our customers.

  • High-tech industry


Due to the continuous invention of new technologies and solutions, the industry is undergoing rapid changes.But it is still essential to keep the lifting equipment clean.

You must lift various objects.We provide advanced and ergonomic solutions to reduce your workload and improve your capabilities.The most important factor is that our cranes can reduce pollution in clean rooms.

Whether it is the food, semiconductor, pharmaceutical or aerospace industries, cleanliness and hygiene are omnipotent. Especially in clean rooms and ultra-clean rooms, every tiny dirt particle must be measured.Different regulations set limits on the maximum amount of particle pollution.Nucleon clean room cranes can meet all requirements.

Does the clean room crane have a process flow?

According to our experience, a clean room crane will pass the following process flow:

确保不锈钢表面光洁度 使用专用清洁剂升降夹具控制精度可达m'm超小且静音

NUCLEONCRANE keeps up with the pace of the times, and our clean room crane manufacturing technology has reached the 100-level clean room level.Recently, the newly developed 100-level portable gantry crane has been launched on the market!

In conclusion

Cranes for clean rooms are an essential component in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of controlled environments. With their customizable span, lifting heights, and capacity, coupled with materials that meet the stringent cleanliness standards, these cranes are versatile tools for industries requiring the utmost in contamination control. As technology progresses and demands for precision and cleanliness increase, the role of specialized cranes in clean rooms becomes ever more critical.


Q:Why choose clean room lifting equipment?

A:   Meet the needs of people working in clean room

      The product needs to be produced in a dust-free clean room

       According to industry-designated ISO standards

Q: When selecting lifting equipment for your clean room, which considerations are essential for ensuring it meets the specific requirements of your operation?

A: Determine the classification level and size of the clean room.

    Optimize the layout of the clean room (available space, headroom, materials and process flow, etc.)

    Understand material handling needs and requirements (such as the need for flexibility or mobility, the need for rotating or tilting items, the frequency of handling, etc.)

    What kind of materials do you need to deal with (size, weight, shape, surface, etc.)

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