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Compact Design
Safety Design
Independent Design

DESCRIPTIONSmall overall size, more space-saving

Electric chain hoist adopts a square box integrating electric box, motor, reducer, brake and overload limiter. For the square box, the body is made of die-casting aluminum alloy, the chain is wear-resistant and has high strength, and the hook group uses compact high-strength hook group.

The Chain electric hoist can be matched with electric single beam/suspension crane, flexible rail crane, rigid rail crane and jib crane.

PRODUCT FEATURESSmooth running and convenient operation

  • The stator and rotor of the motor are embedded in the aluminum alloy shell, with small structure size, high efficiency and low noise;
  • Adopting aluminum alloy die-casting aluminum shell, light weight and excellent heat dissipation performance, small overall size, more space-saving;
  • Adoption of high-strength alloy short ring chain, higher tensile strength, can be slightly inclined pull;
  • Clutch-type overload protection, safe, reliable, durable and environmentally friendly design;
  • Extended electric hoist clean crane, suitable for dust-free environment, such as bioengineering, medical equipment, food, microelectronics and other industries.

Parts AnalysisCompact structure and small limit of size

  • Cabinet: Die-casting aluminum cabinet with optimized design by finite element analysis, compact structure, strong, light weight, good heat dissipation performance, is a modern industrial design that combines superior performance and beautiful appearance.
  • Motor: insulation class F, protection class IP55. The normally closed electromagnetic disc brake is adopted, and the braking frequency is not less than 1 million times.
  • Sprockets: Plug-in connections allow for quick replacement of entire sprockets. The design without offset center of gravity makes the product safer and more reliable. Highly wear-resistant material for longer life.
  • Friction clutch: It is convenient to set and adjust through the external adjustable knob, so as to ensure the safety of work and effectively play the role of overload protection.

Zero Speed Hover

Ensure that the crane moves slowly and accurately as it approaches its destination.


Electric Anti-sway Function

Can automatically limit the sway of the loader in the process of handling, faster handling and more accurate positioning.


Multi-hook Coordination

Monitor and control position difference of multiple hooks to make the hooks run synchronously at the same speed.


Dead Slow

Dead slow function can ensure the stability of the control system and slow, accurate movement when the crane is moving and loading.


Multi-trolley Synchronization

Position difference of multiple cranes can be monitored and controlled to make the crane operating mechanism run synchronously at the same speed.


Speed Expansion Function

Our cranes can add sub-low speed and sub-high speed function regulation except for low speed and high speed, which is practical and efficient.


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