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DESCRIPTIONReliable to lift and has various steering modes and is flexible

Rubber tyred gantry crane is a kind of mobile lifting equipment, which is safe and reliable to lift and has various steering modes, its own power and is flexible. It has a variety of core technologies, such as synchronous lifting at multiple lifting points, tire non slip technology, synchronous detection feedback control, flexible steering control, and internal force release of gantry on complex roads.

PRODUCT FEATURESHigh stability can be applied to a variety of road surfaces

  • The equipment has its own power, and there is no dead angle in the whole area.
  • Lifting with multiple points or multiple equipment, which has high synchronization, stability and reliability.
  • A variety of steering modes are used in combination, with straight, oblique, in-situ rotation, Ackerman steering and other modes, which are efficient and energy-saving.
  • It can be applied to concrete pavement, gravel pavement, gravel pavement and other pavement conditions. The gantry hinge design can eliminate the internal stress caused by uneven pavement.
  • According to special needs, self folding device can be installed to reduce the space occupation and the convenience of transfer.

Zero Speed Hover

Ensure that the crane moves slowly and accurately as it approaches its destination.


Electric Anti-sway Function

Can automatically limit the sway of the loader in the process of handling, faster handling and more accurate positioning.


Multi-hook Coordination

Monitor and control position difference of multiple hooks to make the hooks run synchronously at the same speed.


Dead Slow

Dead slow function can ensure the stability of the control system and slow, accurate movement when the crane is moving and loading.


Multi-trolley Synchronization

Position difference of multiple cranes can be monitored and controlled to make the crane operating mechanism run synchronously at the same speed.


Speed Expansion Function

Our cranes can add sub-low speed and sub-high speed function regulation except for low speed and high speed, which is practical and efficient.


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