NUCLEON “nanny” service upgrade


Never give up the first heart, service upgraded! In order to further strengthen the service consciousness of all staff, improve the enthusiasm of staff service, and bring more comfortable, intimate and warm quality service to customers, on October 14, 2023, NUCLEON Company organized and held the signing ceremony of sales and service commitment.

During the ceremony, Mr. Jin Qinghao, the chairman of NUCLEON, signed the sales and service commitment agreement with the heads of each department. During the ceremony, Mr. Jin urged everyone to always take customers as the center, constantly strengthen the responsibility, conscientiously perform their duties, so that NUCLEON sales and service to a new height.

For a long time, NUCLEON has always adhered to the business philosophy of integrity-based, customer first, innovation, service first, constantly deepening the level of management, enhance innovation; effectively simplify the process, improve service efficiency; to expand the market with high-quality products, and to win the trust with better service.

At present, the fourth quarter of 2023 has been fully carried out, in the face of new tasks, new challenges, all the people of NUCLEON will be united, work hard, and actively recognize the changes in response to the changes in the majority of new and old customers to provide more high-quality products, more intimate service; and continue to open up new areas of the company's development of a new track, shaping the development of a new momentum and new advantages.


Signing of sales and service commitment agreement by each department headservice
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