Inviting Our Russian Customers for an On-Site Factory Tour


Customers experience the product up close

A Russian client, who is a manufacturer of transformers and other electrical equipment, contacted us in February this year to discuss the project.

At that time, the project requirements were simple, so we only made a preliminary quotation. In July, the client informed us of updated technical parameters, and we   updated   the   drawings   and   quotations.

After   receiving   the   complete quotation, the client expressed great satisfaction and told us that he would visit our factory in September. However, due to changes in his plans and a tight schedule, he did not make the trip.

In November, that he finally came to visit our factory for inspection. He   mainly   needs   European-style   single-girder   and   European-style   double-girder bridge cranes, and we are the best manufacturer of such products in China. We have a wealth of project experience in such products :


After seeing our products in the factory, the client was very satisfied and even personally touched and took pictures of them.


We can feel his satisfaction with our products and services.  Before   leaving,   the   client expressed his willingness to cooperate with us, and we also look forward to completing this cooperation with him.

NUCLON CRANE is a professional manufacturer of lifting equipment. Our characteristic is that we can provide you with 1v1 customized solutions. Our lifting experts can design and continuously change the optimal crane solution according to your employment needs.And guide the installation and guarantee your follow-up maintenance services.


For example, this Russian customer mentioned that he wanted to install an explosion-proof European-style electric hoist on the crane he purchased. This batch of equipment will help him build her factory.Our engineers proposed the most suitable and personalized solution for his employment situation.

If you need crane customization service, please contact me.

nucleon Novia

I am Novia, engaged in crane export for 10 years, serving customers in 20 countries. I have a reserve of professional knowledge about the structure and performance of various types of cranes. From quotation to design plan to delivery, I will provide you with one-to-one service to provide you with the most cost-effective and professional crane solution. If you need to buy a crane, please contact me for the latest service.

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