37 Ton Double Girder Container Gantry Crane In Production


37 Ton double girder container gantry crane


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One set of 37-ton double girder container gantry crane is in production

Load capacity: 37t

Crane Span: 15m

Cantilever: 3m (available length, one side)

Lifting height: 12m

Control mode: wireless remote control

Power source: 380 V/60 Hz/3 Phase

Work duty: A5

QTY: 1 set

Country: Brazil


Here are some current production pictures.

1.Main beams(finished)

main beams

2.Flexible suppoort legs(finished)

Flexible support legs

3.Rigid suppoort legs(finished)

Rigid support legs

4.Ground beams (waiting for shot blasting, rust removal, and painting)

ground beams

5.Crane drive and accessories(unfinished)

crane drive

crane drive accessories

6.Maintenance cage(finished)

Maintenance cage 


7.Electrical cabinets

Electrical cabinet

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